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Where to store your outdoor couches, lounge chairs, dining sets, outdoor kitchen equipment, umbrellas and planters? Unhappy with cumbersome tarps that never stay on your furniture? Our patio shrink wrap service is your space and protection solution! Our crew arrives at your home at a prearranged date and time. We carefully stack and wrap your furniture (typically all together), in a neat and tidy bundle. We discuss with you where the best place in your backyard to shrink wrap the furniture would be. Once complete, it will stay put for the duration of the winter till you are ready to reset your patio in the spring. Vents are added to help generate air flow to reduce the risk of mold. Come spring you simply cut open the plastic and reset your patio furniture. This will help extend the life of your patio investment as it will be 100% protected from snow, ice, rain and damaging UV rays.