Transport and Storage – Protecting your freight in transit – Extending your warehouse space

Shrink wrap can be tightly fit around any size or shape of freight.  In addition, various chemical additives can be used to prevent corrosion, ultra-violet light damage, chafing, minimizes static electricity, cling, wind rain, etc.   As an integrated part of your logistics flow, be assured that your materials stored in transit or externally are safe from the elements, freeing up expensive warehouse space.  Shrink wrap is also strong enough to be used as pallet wrap to keep items safely fastened to it.  Some of the other benefits include:

  • Customs inspections are faster and less invasive with zippered access doors
  • Sensitive freight can be sealed with numbered tags ranging from a UV coated plastic    type to a high tensile strength aircraft cable assuring your load is opened only upon    arrival
  • Shrink wrap can even be used to erect temporary shelters to withstand the elements

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