What we do

AtomicWrap.com provides an innovative mobile shrink wrap service customized to each client’s needs. We specialize in certain industries so that we can learn the unique differences that each customer group has. Some of the things we have protected include:

  • Freight of all shapes, shipping containers, pallets
  • Boats of all sizes for storage or transport
  • Restaurant patios and furnishings, fountains
  • Buildings, skylights, scaffolding for interior or exterior containment
  • Greenhouses
  • External storage
  • Residential clients have used us to protect their outdoor furnishings, water fountains,    recreational vehicles and objet d’arts.

Who we are

Unsatisfied with the shrink wrapping services we were getting for our own boats, we recognized an untapped need. After careful study AtomicWrap.com was launched by using a uniquely innovative approach to shrink wrapping. Corporate principles learnt in other roles helped shape the fundamentals of AtomicWrap.com, which accelerated growth. The business diversified and grew by providing great service and great value. AtomicWrap.com has two goals:

  1. To provide great value and great service for our customers
  2. To create an entrepreneurial culture brimming with people who have fun and
         love to innovate for our customers

Achieving our first goal is what fuels growth. Secondly, we’ve heard a pretty convincing argument that people spend the best waking hours of their life at work, so our other goal is simple: Work hard, have fun, treat people how you like to be treated. The best part is that our entrepreneurial approach makes us unique and gives AtomicWrap.com a very difficult to duplicate competitive advantage. We don’t have “programs of the month” or announce that this quarter’s theme will be innovation. We don’t try to be these ideals, rather, we are these ideals.

Technical Information

The materials we use are designed for each application. Shrink wrap is a versatile product that tightly conforms to any object and varies in thickness and chemical property. Some types we have are more Flame Retardant, Antimicrobial, or Corrosion Inhibiting and we can provide the MSDS sheets and technical specifications upon request.

100% Recyclable

Shrink wrap is 100% recyclable because it is 100% virgin resin. Our environmental policy can be summed up using the 4R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Reinvest.

Our reduction strategy is to simply do more with fewer resources with examples including:

  • Carefully sizing each project so that the proper thickness and width of the wrap fits    as closely as possible to reduce waste
  • Carefully applying the wrap to minimize seams and the need for tape
  • Replacing incandescent lights with LED
  • Using USB or SD flash drives instead of CD’s and DVD’s to transport and store data    means we use this medium less often
  • Preference for duplex printing, if electronic versions don’t suffice
  • We produce and distribute ebrochures, quotes, and plans electronically to minimize    printing
  • eBilling to save paper
  • Purchasing Energy Star compliant equipment when possible and seeking    RoHS-compliant equipment meaning the product has been engineered to minimize or    avoid the use of hazardous materials in its manufacture
  • Local sourcing of equipment and technicians to minimize commute time
  • Maintain a rigorous vehicle maintenance program to ensure that trucks are operating    efficiently including fluid checks, tire pressure, etc.

Where possible we reuse and repair products to extend their useful life and in addition:

  • We source and reuse shrink wrap supplies where applicable
  • We have an aggressive maintenance program to extend the useful life of equipment
  • We ensure compliance with all environmental laws and regulations, together with our    partners

As a last resort we make every attempt to recycle items that we otherwise cannot manage to avoid reducing or reusing, notably including:

  • Implemented the “Blue Box” program for pulling recyclables out of the waste stream
  • We take retired assets to metal yards and scrap dealers taking care to ensure none of    it enters a landfill
  • We recycle shrink wrap, wood, pallets, etc.

This is Atomic Wrap’s way of stimulating fledgling companies that are trying to create new markets for their product/service.

  • Even though it is sometimes cheaper to purchase offshore, our policy is to invest in    North American business because of their strict adherence to environmental and    safety standards

Some of the things we do are:

  • Paper products in our facilities (including fine paper, computer paper, tissues, toilet    paper and paper towels) have recycled content and are preferably unbleached with a    minimal % of post-consumer recycled fibre
  • We recycle used batteries and printer cartridges


Atomic Wrap is committed to ensuring that the safety of our workers and customers are our top priority.  We believe that incidents can be prevented through proper supervision, tools and equipment, training, communication, and the adherence to proper safe work practices and procedures.  Our Health, Safety and Environmental Program is the foundation from which Safety is entrenched in all the things we do, including:

  • AtomicWrap.com Safety Guide
  • Safe Job Procedures
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Maintenance, Tools, Equipment, Vehicles
  • Training and Communication
  • Workplace Inspections
  • Incident Reporting & Investigations
  • Emergency Preparedness & Crisis Management
  • Waste Disposal and Recycling
  • Modified Work Program
  • Alcohol and Drug Policies
  • Violence & Harassment Policies
  • IT Online Policy
  • Governmental Compliance

Our goal is the total elimination of occupational injuries and illnesses in the workplace.