Who we are

Unsatisfied with the shrink wrapping services we were getting for our own boats, we recognized an untapped need. After careful study AtomicWrap.com was launched by using a uniquely innovative approach to shrink wrapping. Corporate principles learnt in other roles helped shape the fundamentals of AtomicWrap.com, which accelerated growth. The business diversified and grew by providing great service and great value. AtomicWrap.com has two goals:

  1. To provide great value and great service for our customers
  2. To create an entrepreneurial culture brimming with people who have fun and
         love to innovate for our customers

Achieving our first goal is what fuels growth. Secondly, we’ve heard a pretty convincing argument that people spend the best waking hours of their life at work, so our other goal is simple: Work hard, have fun, treat people how you like to be treated. The best part is that our entrepreneurial approach makes us unique and gives AtomicWrap.com a very difficult to duplicate competitive advantage. We don’t have “programs of the month” or announce that this quarter’s theme will be innovation. We don’t try to be these ideals, rather, we are these ideals.